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Net Framework 4.0 / Windows .Net Framework 4.5 Download Summary DeletedFuntastic is an action/adventure platformer game. Although it doesn't contain any official story-lines and characters, you are allowed to create your own and use them in the game. There are 3 different worlds and 13 different levels, which can be freely designed by the player. Once you get the hard level, you can create an additional world. To create a new world, simply right click on the sky and a new world will appear. If you want to create a new level, simply do it with the new map. In order to start the game, go to the directory where the "deletedfuntastic.exe" file is and double-click the file to start the game. It's recommended that you have at least Windows XP and DirectX 9.0 or higher. Please read the following instructions carefully before starting the game. The default keyboard shortcuts are: ↑ to move up, ↓ to move down, ← to move left, → to move right, ↑(arrow up) to move up in the map, ↓(arrow down) to move down in the map, ←(arrow left) to move left in the map, →(arrow right) to move right in the map, ↖ to rotate clockwise, ↗ to rotate anti-clockwise, ↕ to move forward, ↘ to move backward, ↙ to rotate the camera clockwise, ↓ to rotate the camera anti-clockwise, ← to move forward in the camera, ↖(arrow up) to move up in the camera, ↗(arrow down) to move down in the camera, ←(arrow left) to move left in the camera, →(arrow right) to move right in the camera, ↵ to open the map, ↑ to zoom out, ↓ to zoom in, ctrl+1 to zoom in 100%, ctrl+2 to zoom in 200%, ctrl+3 to zoom in 300%, ctrl+4 to zoom in 400%, ctrl+5 to zoom in 500%, ctrl+6 to zoom in 600%, ctrl+7 to zoom in 700%, ctrl+8 to zoom in 800%, ctrl+9 to zoom in 900%, ctrl+0 to zoom out, ctrl+k to quit the game, ctrl+t to set



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Winrar 4.11 64 Bit Crack 2022 [New]
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